Olive oil, onions, losing weight and becoming rich

Mathematically speaking, losing weight and getting rich is simple. In order to lose weight one must spend more calories than you consume. In order to become rich one has to spend less money than what you make. In theory, very simple. The hard part is making these two a habit and adjusting our lifestyle in such a way that these become second nature. There are many techniques on how to achieve both and I would like to introduce you to some of them. First, however, we must talk about time, olive oil and onions.

Achieving a goal physique will take time. Becoming rich will take time. There are no healthy and proven-to-work shortcuts. Trust me, my lazy ass would have found them. I have instead found myself asking this question: why would I want to take a shortcut? Life is wonderful and if you are reading this, you are most likely rich already. Sounds cliché? Good! Want to be stupidly rich? Here you go:

  • Pay yourself first using automation.
  • Buy and hold a diversified, low-cost portfolio that tracks the stock market.
  • Consciously spend on the things that you love and politely reject the things that you don't.

A fear of mine has been my lackluster cooking. I come from a family of experienced cooks and am fortunate to have many friends that are great cooks. I love food and have thus felt immense guilt when I came to the realization that I am bad at making food. Instead of letting that stop me I now know that if I practice I will get better. You have to eat every single day anyway, so why not try to make it a habit to practice a little every single day? My dad put it very nicely when he said: why not enjoy this process and be proud of the food that you make? Share it with your friends and it can become a very nice experience. Instead of fearing cooking, I know embrace it! I ask my friends if they can teach me how to cook. We cook, share recipes and enjoy meals together. It is totally possible to make cheap and healthy meals that taste, smell and look amazing. All it requires is some effort, thought and practice.

This fear of being bad at something has stopped me from trying new things in past. I love the taste of olive oil! I love the taste of onions and tomatoes together. Add a little salt and pepper to this equation and you have an amazing pasta sauce that is healthy, cheap and very very tasty. Thank you for teaching me Nik!

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Olive oil is scary, because it is extremely calorie dense. The stock market is scary, because there is a lot to learn. I highly recommend the following two books: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and I Will Teach You How To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. They changed the way I look at, think and feel about money. I have started automatically saving money and building a solid financial infrastructure. In addition, I am now more confident, hungry to learn more and ready to pursue my dreams. Olive oil was scary because I did not know how to use it. Money was scary because I had poor financial habits. Now I am ready to use both to my advantage, without fear, to do the things I love.