Why traveling first class is a load of horse-shit and USB is amazing

I feel uncomfortable traveling first class. I have traveled in first class a couple of times because I either:

  1. Forgot/procrastinated purchasing a ticket and first-class was the only one available.
  2. Keeping it 100, I just wanted to know what it was like. And I had the cash.

It is nice to have legroom. It is nice to be guaranteed an electrical outlet, but these things are not exclusive to first-class. There are just as many, if not more (!), opportunities when traveling cheaply.

That small “hey may I borrow your charger” is such an insanely powerful question. That small human interaction, the moment of being vulnerable, opening up, being honest about one’s needs… The small interaction can lead to a really nice chat or, you know, just a quick “thanks”. Humans thrive helping each other. We are pack animals for a reason. When someone asks me to borrow a charger it makes ME feel good. I feel exceptionally good when someone gives me back the charger neatly and carefully rolled up.

That is why I believe that USB-C chargers are so important. I make sure to always have one on me and in a corporate environment I champion universal connections. It’s important to understand that technology is for everyone. IT companies are spending trillions of dollars in an effort to give everyone the opportunity to leverage the power of technology to their advantage (and also be stuck using their platform, spending a bunch of money on their products).

Something we often forget about is how difficult things are. It is easy to give Facebook (just to mention a company), a bunch of shit for when their product (a free platform) is not working. Try running your own social media site with 2.7 billion active users, in the midst of a global pandemic, whilst some people are literally destroying 5G cellular towers. Shit is hard yo.

I have heard people say: “Facebook is stealing your data”, whilst simultaneously posting literally every single day. Facebook is a powerful platform, use it to create and make connections, don’t passively consume.

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Anyway. Universal Serial Bus is amazing, worth a little read. Here is the Wikipedia article: