Explaining the madnesses of colours and writing code

It became apparent to me yesterday that I could improve my communication by being open and honest about my madnesses. If you have a medical background or study psychology/the human mind/society I would genuinely be interested in your take on some of these obsessive madnesses. Feel free to reach out, if you want.

I like colours (when coding) I work as a software developer and I have specialised in cloud computing. I wish to expand my knowledge into machine learning and artificial intelligence. To achieve this, I have identified that I must improve my math skills and revisit fundamental coding challenges. With this knowledge I will be able to learn the technologies used in these fields and thus be able to contribute productively. One of the actions I have taken is learning a new language in my spare time (Python) and learning about the cloud computing platforms with machine learning support (Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud).

When you sit down to code or learn something new you do not know what you are supposed to do - you just kind of have to try. In my experience, I do not know how to code. I start somewhere loosely and the code develops from there. Often, if I am brand new to a concept or technology it is very nice to get a head start by following a tutorial, but it is important to not get stuck in tutorial hell - which is a real thing by the way, look it up. I try to write down some goals and then I split these into smaller tasks. I research if it is possible to complete these smaller tasks and then I just kind of try.

I use colours as a reference point for where I last “was”. If I look up something on Stack Overflow or in the documentation, I know which colour I am “returning” to when it comes time to keep writing code. Here is a screenshot of me working on the website. The colours look nice and make me happy.

Responsive image

I do not like dual monitors. They stress me out. First of all you can never get them to look identical. Even the highest quality IPS displays will look slightly different at an angle or color wise. One well calibrated high-resolution monitor calms me down and allows me to focus on actually doing work.

I like to turn off notifications in periods of time so that I am available when I have to be and not when I am not. When I go skate I like to turn off my phone entirely. Fully disconnect from the outside world and only focus on skateboarding.

I like to write commands into the shell rather than copying and pasting them. I feel like I have more control because then at the very least I will force myself to take a look at them before executing them. At this point I just want to mention that the invention of copy and paste has saved the world an immense amount of time and has improved the health, wealth and learning ability of many. Rest in peace Larry Tesler. You will not be forgotten. He passed away at age 74 earlier this year. Here is a link to BBC.