Deliberately Being Broke in Oslo

I am currently finding myself at a major crossroad. It seems like there are a million paths to take and every single one is supposed to lead to wealth, fame and most important of all happiness! Every single travel agent recommends their respective path and spreads fear about other paths because they are paid by their bosses to do so. Fear of missing out everywhere.

"We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like."

Dave Ramsey

Now I am not so sure if Dave Ramsey is the correct person to quote, but his content seems sound and thus I am crediting him. I believe he is trying his best to help folks out financially, which a lot of people desperately need. As a result he has become very rich, just Google him. Mr Money Mustache is good too.

I am 22. I am a computer engineer. I am a skateboarder. I have a promising career in both of my passions. I have a burning passion for writing code and I feel immensely calm when I throw myself down a set of stairs. I thrive in chaos. Thus I am challenging myself to not take a path quite yet. Instead I am laying down in the grass at the crossroad. The best things in life are free, yet somehow we always lean towards spending money, instead of doing things we love.

In Oslo there is a castle. The king lives in the castle. You can tell if he is home because if he is, there is a massive Norwegian flag on the flagpole. Around the castle is a beautiful park. You can go and look at all of this, for free. You can literally just go there and lie down in the grass, but no one does it! People are too caught up with spending all their time and effort making and spending money. It really is not that hard. Just chill for a little bit. I have made it a habit to spend my lunch break going to the park, bringing a banana and lying down in the grass listening to an audio book.

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I am trying to live as cheaply as possible whilst surrounding myself with people I love and that love me back. I spend on things that matter to me within my means, I try my best to save as much money as possible and I simply enjoy the free things in life. I work hard because I like to work hard, I skate hard because I love skateboarding. Thus I put most of my money in an account I literally cannot touch unless I go to the bank in person and I live as if I am broke every single day, because I love it. I love saying no to things I don’t care about and I love spending my time with people I love, doing things I love. For the next two weeks I have to live on 470kr (food, travel and entertainment) in one of the most expensive places to live on the planet and I am stoked - can’t wait to get creative.